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Pros and Cons of Prefab Construction

Best Roofing Materials for East Tennessee

Over the last several years, we’ve seen so much innovation and technology being implemented in the construction industry. Things are constantly changing and with that change comes opportunities for us to try new techniques and processes to enhance our abilities to build and create. Can you imagine being able to purchase a roof off Amazon and it is delivered to your door and installed on the same day? That may seem like a stretch, but anything is possible at the rate things are going. One major component of this new era of building is prefabricated construction. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits surrounding using prefabricated materials and buildings in our projects today.

Often times construction projects are located in busy cities with little space to work with. Building modular or prefabricated components offsite in a controlled environment make for an easier build and are less likely to make mistakes. Once the build is complete it can be delivered to the original location and installed. This method will also speed up the turn-around-time and in today's market that is a huge win.

Other pros to going the prefabricated route are quality control, larger margins, reduced environmental impact, and being able to compete in tight markets. Building in a factory versus outside on a job site has many benefits such as better quality, no downtime with the weather, and overall better safety for your workers. Moving modules or prefabricated components directly to your job site is usually cheaper and much easier than having materials from several different places delivered. We can also reduce our carbon footprint by working inside reducing the amount of pollution that would occur from outside work.

What are your thoughts on going with a more prefabricated approach? With the way, the construction industry in East Tennessee is now simplifying the process could work wonders. This could pave the way for getting things back on track post-pandemic and reduce the stress levels contractors and construction workers are under.

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