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5 Common Commercial Remodeling Mistakes

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Preventing commercial remodeling mistakes should be a number one goal for anyone looking to renovate a new building. Unfortunately, inexperienced owners and contractors miss these all to common issues causing excessive cost and schedule over runs. So while starting a project may be new and exciting, beware that common issues do exist and that there is a way to prevent them.

To help you avoid these common missteps, we've created a list of five terrible mistakes to avoid . From overlooking structural damage to failing to plan for future design trends, this guide will give you all the information you need to ensure your renovation project starts without a hitch.

1. Be On The Lookout for Structural Damage

Overlooking structural damage when remodeling a commercial space is one of the most costly and potentially hazardous mistakes that can be made by a building owner. Structural damage can not only cause serious safety risks, but it can also become an expensive problem if issues are overlooked.

Structural damage comes in many forms, from water, fire damage, sagging foundation, leaking roof, or incorrect prior structural installations. If any of these issues are pervasive and have been left unmanaged, they can cause further deterioration of the building's structure, leading to more extensive repairs down the road. 

An example of dangerous structural issues this was a building that Green Home Installations recently worked on. When renovating the exterior we had to remove the siding to relocate windows for more aesthetic appeal. When the siding was removed it was noticed that a large structural overhang on the front of the building was only held on by four nails! The previous contract had cut serious corners putting people in danger!! Had our experienced crew not done a thorough building inspection it could have led to a dangerous situation for the new building owner. Luckily we include building inspections into our renovation projects to catch issues just like this!

Key Ideas on Structural Inspection: 

To prevent costly repairs down the road, we recommend all building owners hire an experienced professional familiar with common structural issues. Make sure to hire a qualified contractor to perform a thorough inspection of the building before starting any construction. Even better, if you can have an experienced contractor inspect the building before purchase it can help prevent you getting into an overly expensive remodel. By following the above tips you can keep your building safe while keeping renovation costs low!

2. Failing to Plan for the Future by Ignoring Design Trends

Failing to plan for the future by ignoring trends when remodeling a commercial space is a dangerous misstep when renovating a building. By not keeping up with industry trends, you could end up with a design or layout that isn't relevant anymore. Failing to plan for the future can mean not considering technological advancements or changing customer preferences and needs.

For example, if your remodel fails to consider how customers may prefer to shop online, you won't be able to take advantage of potential opportunities and increase profits. Or, if your renovation project needs to consider technological advancements like automated lighting systems, you could be missing out on energy savings that could benefit your business in the long run.

To avoid this mistake, it is essential to do your research before beginning a remodel project and ensure you are aware of any current or upcoming trends in the industry. You should also consult with an experienced professional who is well-versed in commercial remodeling projects, as they can provide invaluable insight and advice on what elements may be best suited for your particular space.

Key Idea: 

Remember to plan for the future - look ahead at technology advancements and customer preferences so that your commercial space remains relevant and profitable even as trends evolve over time.

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3. Inadequately Estimating Costs and Timeframes

Inadequately estimating costs and timeframes when remodeling a commercial space is another common mistake that can have costly consequences. With an accurate budget, you could find yourself spending less money on the project and having to make cuts in other areas to compensate. Not correctly assessing the project timeline can lead to delays or missed deadlines, costing your business time and money.

To properly assess costs and timeframes, it is essential to consider all aspects of the renovation project. This includes materials, labor, subcontractors, insurance, permits, and any additional fees associated with the project. It is essential to create a detailed budget for the entire project that accounts for all of these elements so that you don't encounter any surprises along the way. In addition to creating a budget, it is also essential to set realistic expectations for how long the remodel will take based on past projects and current conditions, such as available resources or construction delays.

When making these estimates, it's best practice to plan for contingencies by adding different timeframes or buffer funds into your budget in case something takes longer than expected, or there are unexpected expenses. This will help ensure your project stays within its allotted timeframe and financial constraints while meeting quality standards.

Key Idea: 

Adequately estimating costs and timeframes when renovating a commercial space can be challenging but essential for a successful remodel. We  advise performing a cost estimate yourself to cross check the quotes that you get from contractors. Considering all project elements and setting realistic expectations will help ensure that your remodel stays on track from start to finish without any unnecessary surprises or delays down the line.

4. Not Doing Proper Research on Suppliers and Contractors

Not researching suppliers and contractors properly is another common mistake in commercial remodeling projects. With the proper research, you can choose a supplier or contractor up to par with industry standards or best practices. This could result in poor-quality materials, work that must be completed on time, or services that are more expensive than necessary.

It is essential to research any potential suppliers and contractors before committing to them for your project. It would help if you looked into their past projects and reviews and asked for references from previous clients. Additionally, it is essential to compare prices between different suppliers and contractors to get the best deal possible without sacrificing quality.

When researching potential suppliers and contractors, it is also essential to make sure they are correctly licensed and insured in the state they are operating in. This will help protect you against unforeseen costs if something goes wrong during the renovation process. In some cases, having an attorney review any contracts before signing them might be beneficial so that all parties involved understand their rights and obligations clearly. To save time, consider choosing Green Home Installations, a premier contractor in Knoxville, TN, and the Carolinas. We have a stellar track of successful commercial space renovations. You can check them out.

Key Idea: 

By taking the time to do proper research on potential suppliers and contractors, you will be better equipped to find ones that meet your budget, timeframe, and quality needs for your commercial remodeling project. Having the right supplier or contractor can make all the difference when it comes time for your project's completion, so remember its importance when planning your renovation process.

5. Skipping Necessary Permits and Inspections

Of course, the most terrible mistake in this list regarding commercial remodeling projects is skipping necessary permits and inspections. You must acquire the proper licenses to avoid being required to halt construction or demolition, pay hefty fines, and even face potential legal action from the local authorities.

In most cases, you will need at least a building permit for any major renovation or remodeling project in a commercial space. Additionally, electrical and plumbing permits may also be required depending on the scope of your project. It is crucial to research what type of permits are needed for your specific project and obtain them before work starts.

In addition to obtaining the proper permits, it is also essential that inspectors are called in during different stages of the remodeling process for safety checks. Depending on where you live, these inspections may include fire safety inspections, energy efficiency tests, and an overall building inspection. Also, a good and responsible contractor will help you process these permits, so you should look for this type of contractor when you start your project.

Key Idea: 

Obtaining the necessary permits and regular inspections throughout your remodeling project are critical steps to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations while increasing safety standards in your commercial space. Even though it may require additional effort up front, doing so will save you time and money in the long run and help protect yourself and your business during and after construction.

To sum up, remodeling your commercial properties is a serious undertaking. It would be best if you were prepared to handle any issues that arise and not let setbacks discourage you in your future construction projects. By learning about common remodeling mistakes that can cause delays and financial problems, you can better avoid them or plan for them and save money.

Our construction company, Green Home Installations wants to help however we can. Remodels are a considerable undertaking, and you'll need a place to put all your refuse. That's why we offer our services to clients struggling with the overall process. We have simplified and streamlined the function of your construction project from start to finish, so we'll be on the same page and no longer have to worry about how to get started. Don't hesitate to contact us.

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